Divorce and Parenting Plans-what are they?

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Divorce can be very challenging for parents who are trying to figure out how to co-parent effectively. A parenting plan is a critical step in ensuring that both parents are able to maintain a positive relationship with their children post-divorce. When creating a parenting plan during a divorce, the best interests of the children should always be the top priority. A divorce lawyer can help ensure that your parenting plan protects your children’s best interests, including ensuring that they have access to both parents, maintaining stability and consistency in their lives, and addressing any special needs or concerns. It can include details such as a custody schedule, communication guidelines, and decision-making processes. It can also help reduce conflict and provide a sense of security.

Every family is unique, and a parenting plan should reflect the specific needs and circumstances of your family. With the help of a divorce lawyer, you can customize your parenting plan to ensure that it meets your family’s specific needs.

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