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Divorce and Shared Custody of Children

Living in Florida and going through a Divorce is tough, but being a Parent going through a Divorce, it makes it more difficult.

As a Divorcing parent, you need to seek a qualified Family Law Attorney as soon as possible, to discuss custody arrangements.

How can I get sole custody or full custody?

Florida courts will not allow a complete “cut off” of the other parents right to see their child, have overnights with their child, or have a relationship with their child or to make decisions regarding the child.

However, what the courts WILL DO is implement common sense provisions to protect a child.

The courts can give a parent shared responsibility with one person making the tie breaking decision if they cannot decide on an issue, supervised visits, daytime visits, or sometimes no visits until a condition is met such as mental health evaluations.

The realistic outcome for people that want what they call full custody/sole custody is that the other parents responsibility and or time sharing is limited in certain ways.

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Divorce isn’t easy, but making the right decision for what is best for your children can be made easier with an experienced and qualified attorney to help guide you.

Divorce Attorney in Gulf Breeze